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APC Netbotz DSS Rooms/3rd Party Racks - 50ft.$80.00
APC Netbotz DSSs 2 for Rack - 12ft.$159.55
Electus Distribution
Electus Distribution Door Security Beam - Effective Range 2-8 Metres, 240V, Includes Reflector$66.75
HP E0X96AA Lock and Hood Sensor - (TWR), Remote Locking$44.50
HP E0X97AA Solenoid Lock and Hood Sensor - (USDT/SFF), Remote Locking$44.50
Security Door Strike - 12V AC/DC, 800mA, 10W, Fail Secure
- Designed to "Buzz" Somebody into a Premises
Security Door Strike - 12V DC, 360mA, Fail Secure
- Designed to "Buzz" Somebody into a Premises
Security Door Strike - 12V DC, 360mA, Fail Safe
- Designed to "Buzz" Somebody into a Premises
Swann Magnetic Window/Door Alarm - Compact Magnetic Alarm For Discreet Window Or Door Protection, Sirens 110dB+ - White$12.65
Swann Window Shock Sensing Alarm - Sensors & Detects the Vibration of a Window During a Attempted Forced Entry - White$13.25
Swann Anti-Flood Alarm - Protect Your Home & Property From Flooding & Water Damage - White$20.50
Swann Magnetic Window Alarm - Twin Pack$22.50
Swann Magnetic Keypad Door Alarm - Passcode Protected Doorway Security Alarm, Includes Siren Powerful 110dB - White$30.25
Swann PIR Motion Alarm - Keypad Controlled, Passcode Protected Security Alarm, Includes Motion Detection & Powerfull Siren 110dB+ - White$35.35
Swann SWHOM-ALARMP PIR Motion Light Alarm - Bright LED Light Or Siren Is Activated When There Is Movement Detected By The PIR Sensor, 110dB Loud Alarm, DIY In 10 Minutes - White$36.75
Swann 12V Fail Secure Electric Door Lock
- Ideal for use with the DIY Doorbell Video Intercom
Swann SWHOM-ALARM1-AU Home Wireless Alarm System - Receiver Siren, 2x Alarm PIR Sensors, 2x Window Door Sensors, 2x Remotes & 8x Deterrent Stickers - White$81.85


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