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ASUS ACX12-000800NB 24M PUR with 24M LADP (STD 24M)$78.38
ASUS ACX11-005900PF Warranty extension 12M OSS to 24M OSS$89.38
ASUS ACX13-002500NB 24M LOSS (NBD) service (STD 24M)$99.00
ASUS ACX11-005900PT Warranty extension 12M OSS to 24M OSS$108.63
ASUS ACX11-006000PT Warranty extension 24M OSS to 36M OSS$119.63
ASUS ACX11-000312PF Warranty extension 12M OSS to 36M OSS$129.25
ASUS ACX12-000700NB 24M PUR with 24M LADP (STD 12M)$129.25
ASUS ACX12-000900NB 36M PUR with 36M LADP (STD 36M)$129.25
ASUS ACX13-002700NB 36M LOSS (NBD) service (STD 36M)$138.88
ASUS ACX12-000810NB 36M PUR with 36M LADP (STD 24M)$148.50
ASUS ACX15-003600NB 24M LOSS (NBD) + ADP service (STD 12M)$148.50
ASUS ACX13-002510NB 36M LOSS (NBD) service (STD 24M)$159.50
ASUS ACX12-000501NB 36M PUR with 36M LADP (STD 12M)$169.12
ASUS ACX11-000305PX Warranty Extension 12M PUR to 24M PUR$199.38
ASUS ACX15-001600NB 36M LOSS (NBD) + ADP service (STD 24M)$248.88
Samsung +2 Year Warranty Upgrade - (Between $0 - $250) - To Suit Portable Devices$39.95


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