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COP Security : Surveillance | Security - Accessories
COP Security Adaptor Ring - Allows the Mounting of a `C` Lens onto a `CS` Camera$5.70
COP Security DC Power Lead - 2.1mm DC Plug to 2.1mm DC Plug - 50cm$6.50
COP Security DC Power Lead Splitter - 1x 2.1 DC to 2x 2.1 DC Plug - 20cm$8.00
COP Security Voltage Converter Cable - 24V AC/DC-12V DC$22.95
COP Security  2 Way Video Splitter w. Amplifier$33.55
COP Security 8 Way Terminal Block Bus Bar
- Distributes a Single Power input to Eight Outputs
COP Security Adaptor Ring - Alows a C/CS Lens Equipped Camera onto a Telescope$40.20
COP Security Surge Lightning Arrestor - Male BNC to Female BNC, 5000A$40.20
COP Security 9 Way Terminal Block Bus Bar
- Distributes a Single Power input to Nine Outputs
COP Security USB Video + Audio Cpature Unit - Single Channel$67.15
COP Security Video Ground Loop Isolator & Balun
- Helps to Correct Grainy, Blurry and Distorted Video Signals.
COP Security 4 Way Video Splitter w. Amplifier$80.10
COP Security Multi Channel AV to RF Modulator - Channel Select Ch 21-107, Requires M9271 Plugpack$82.85
COP Security : Surveillance | Security - Camera Housings
COP Security Outdoor CCTV Camera Housing - Vandel Resistant, Heater, Fan, Infrared$333.95
COP Security : Surveillance | Security - Cameras
COP Security Video & Power UTP Transceiver - To Suit S9032$39.00
COP Security Colour Micro Bullet Camera - 1/4" CCD, 380 Lines Resolution, Weatherproof IP65$107.10
COP Security Colour Camera - 1/4" CCD, 380 Lines Resolution, Audio, PIR Movement Detection$144.40
COP Security Colour Camera - 1/4" CCD, 350 Lines Resolution, Infrared, Weatherproof IP65$171.00
COP Security Colour Camera - 1/4" CCD, 480 Lines Resolution, C/CS Mount$188.10
COP Security Colour Camera - 1/3" CCD, 420 Lines Resolution, Weatherproof, Mirror Function$229.00
COP Security Colour Camera - 1/4" CCD, 420 Lines Resolution, Infrared, Vari-Focal Lens, Weatherproof Housing$251.10
COP Security Black and White Camera - 1/4" CCD, 380 Lines Resolution, 4 Channel 2.4GHz Pro Wireless$329.00
COP Security Colour Dome Camera - 1/3" CCD, 550 Lines Resolution, High Resolution, Vari-Focus Lens$383.70
COP Security Colour Dome Camera - 1/3" CCD, 520 Lines Resolution, High Resolution, Vandal Proof, IP65$401.00
COP Security Colour Camera - 1/4" CCD, 380 Lines Resolution, Weatherproof IP65, Vari-Focal Lens, Auto Iris, Infrared$424.00
COP Security : Surveillance | Security - Hardware
COP Security CCTV - Small Aluminium Bracket - 110mm$7.15
COP Security CCTV - Aluminium Ceiling Mount Bracket - 90 Deg, 130mm$14.90
COP Security Wide Area Dome Infrared Illuminator - Up to 200 Square Metres$179.10
COP Security : Surveillance | Security - Imitation Cameras
COP Security Dummy Dome Camera$10.95
COP Security Dummy Professional Camera$26.95
COP Security : Surveillance | Security - Miscellaneous
COP Security Plastic Wall/Ceiling CCTV Bracket$10.30
COP Security Antenna - 5dBi Omnidirectional, SMA Male Connection, To Suit 2.4Ghz Cameras and Equipment$20.65
COP Security Aluminium Wall CCTV Bracket - Designed for Outdoor Use, To Suit S9170$21.30
COP Security Dome Wall Mount Camera Bracket - To Suit S9125/S9127/S9128$28.70
COP Security Steel Ceiling "J" CCTV Bracket - Up to 4kg Max$45.95
COP Security Steel Wall/Ceiling "T" CCTV Bracket - Up to 3kg Max Per Mount$54.65
COP Security S8775 2.4GHz Audiovisual Transmitter 10mW With Scrambler $110.50


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